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Applications are invited only through online mode upto 14.12.2015 for Direct

Recruitment to the vacancies in the following post: Candidates have to Register their basic particulars through One - Time Registration which is mandatory on payment of Rs.50/- towards registration fee.

Name of the Post and Post Code

Name of the Service and

Code No.

Number of vacancies

Scale of pay

Village Administrative Officer


(Post Code 2025)

Tamil Nadu



(Code No.050)


Rs.5,200 - 20,200/- + 2,400-G.P (PB1)

District wise vacancies are shown in Annexure - I of this Notification.



One - Time Registration fee

Examination fee



Candidates who have already registered in one time Registration System it is enough to pay the Examination Fee.






Scheduled castes /

Scheduled Caste (Arunthathiyars)

Full Exemption


Scheduled Tribes

Full Exemption


Most Backward Class /

Denotified Communities

Three free Chances

For Degree Holders

Backward Classes(Other than Muslim) / Backward Classes (Muslim)

Three free Chances

For Degree Holders


Two free Chances

Minimum General Educational Qualification

Differently Abled Persons

Full Exemption


Destitute Widow

Full Exemption


  • The three / two free chances allowed are not for EACH POST but for ANY THREE /TWO APPLICATIONS ONLY. The claim for exemption from payment of fee made in any application which is rejected / admitted or withdrawn will be counted as a free chance.
  • Candidates belonging to Most Backward Classes / Denotified Communities and Backward Classes (other than Muslim) / Backward Classes (Muslim), who have passed the Pre-University Examination or in addition, the examination held at the end of the first or second year of the degree course or passed only certain parts of the degree examination are not exempted from payment of the prescribed fee.




Date of Notification



Last date for submission of applications



Last date for payment of Fee through Bank or Post Office


                     Date and Time of Written Examination (OMR Method)


Date of Written examination

14.02.2016 FN

10.00 A.M to 01.00 P.M.


(A) AGE (as on 01.07.2015)



Category of Candidates

Minimum Age (Should have completed)

Maximum Age


SCs, SC(A)s, STs, MBCs/DCs,

BCs, BCMs and DWs of all castes

21 Years

40 Years


“Others” [i.e. Candidates not

belonging to SCs, SC(A)s, STs,

MBCs/DCs, BCs and BCMs]

21 Years

30 Years



  • Who will be below 53 years of age in the case of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Castes (Arunthathiyars), Scheduled Tribes, Most Backward classes /Denotified Communities, Backward Classes (Other than Muslim) and Backward Classes (Muslim), 48 years of age in the case of “Others on the 1st July of the year in which the selection is made.


  • Will be eligible for age concession upto ten years over and above the age limit prescribed.


(i) The Commission’s “Instructions to the Candidates” will not apply for this recruitment.

(ii) Age concessions announced in paragraph 13 & 14 of the Commission’s “Instructions to the Candidates” will apply for the maximum age limit only.

(iii) “Others” [ i.e. Candidates not belonging to SCs, SC(A)s, STs, MBCs/DCs, BCs and BCMs] who have put in 5 years and more of service in the State / Central Government are not eligible even if they are within the age limit.


Candidates should possess the following Qualification on the Date of this Notification viz. 12.11.2015

Must possess Minimum General Educational Qualification viz. Must have passed S.S.L.C Public Examination or its equivalent with eligibility for admission to Higher Secondary Courses of Studies (or) to College Courses of studies.


1. The applicants who have not passed S.S.L.C. Examination or its equivalent are not eligible even if they possess a higher qualification.

2. Candidates claiming equivalence of qualification should upload evidence for such claim in the form of Government Order (G.O.) issued prior to the date of this Notification. The G.O. issued after the date of Notification will not be accepted. Further details are at paragraph 10 of the “Instructions to the Candidates”.


Candidates should possess adequate knowledge of Tamil on the date of this notification.


A. The Rule of reservation of appointments applies as District wise to this post.

The District wise Distribution of vacancies will be announced later.

B. The Government have issued orders to fill up 20% of vacancies in direct recruitment on preferential basis to Persons Studied in Tamil Medium and illustration for PSTM turn vide G.O.Ms.No.145, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (S) Department, dated 30.09.2010, Now the Government have issued revised illustration for PSTM turn vide G.O.Ms.No.40, P&AR (S) Department, dated 30.04.2014 (Candidates claiming this reservation should have studied the prescribed qualification for the post in Tamil Medium and should have the certificate for the same. Having written the examinations in Tamil language alone will not qualify for claiming this reservation). If the candidates with PSTM are not available for selection for appointment against reserved turn such turn shall be filled up by Non-PSTM candidates but belonging to the respective communal category.

C. The number of vacancies advertised is only approximate and is liable for modification including reduction with reference to the vacancy position at any time before finalisation of selection.

D. If no qualified and suitable women candidates are available for selection against the vacancies reserved for them, those vacancies will be filled by male candidates belonging to the respective communal categories.

E. The 3% of reservation for Differently Abled (Orthopaedically Handicapped) persons shall be applicable for this recruitment as per G. O. (D) No. 5. Revenue (Ser.7-1) Department, Dated 08.01.2007. The 3% reservation of vacancies will be filled with Differently Abled (orthopaedic) persons of 40% to 50% disability who have no difficulty in writing and have only minimal difficulty in mobility. However, they can apply and should upload the documents referred to in para 14 (f) of the Commission’s ‘Instructions to the candidates’ when called for.

As per amendment issued in G.O.(D).No.5, Revenue (Ser.7-1) Department, dated 08.01.2007 and G.O.(Ms).No.644, Revenue Department, dated 19.11.2007 Blind and Deaf Candidates are not eligible to apply for this recruitment.

F. Reservation to “Destitute Widows” and “Ex-Servicemen” will apply to this recruitment.


Candidates selected for appointment to the post will be required to produce a certificate of physical fitness in the form prescribed below:

Form of Certificate of Physical Fitness

Standard of Vision

Tamil Nadu Ministerial Service, Tamil Nadu Judicial Ministerial Service and Tamil Nadu Secretariat Service

Standard-III or Better

Candidates with defective vision should produce eye fitness certificate from a qualified eye specialist.

H. Cash Security:

(i) Every person appointed to the post shall pay a Cash Security of Rs.2000/- (Rupees Two thousand only) within a period of one month from the date on which he/she joins duty.

(ii) Provided that a person belonging to Backward Class, Backward Class (Muslim), MBC/DC shall pay a cash security of Rs.1000/- (Rupees One thousand only) within a period of one month from the date on which he/she joins duty.

(iii) Provided further that a person belonging to Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Caste (Arunthathiyars) and Scheduled Tribe shall not furnish cash security.

(iv) Failure to furnish such cash security as stated above shall render a person liable to be discharged from service.

I. Place of Residence On Appointment:

Every person appointed to the post shall reside in the Village under his charge and shall continue to reside in the said Village as long as he is in charge of that Village.

J. Even after filling up of the posts reserved for SC Arunthathiyars on preferential basis, if more number of qualified Arunthathiyars are available, they shall be entitled to compete with the Scheduled Castes other than Arunthathiyars in the inter-se merit among them and if any posts reserved for Arunthathiyars remain unfilled for want of adequate number of qualified candidates, it shall be filled up by Scheduled Castes other than Arunthathiyars.

K. Any claim relating to the selection (not related to candidature or / and claims made in the application) should be received on the date when called for original certificate verification prior to selection. Any claim received thereafter will receive no attention.

L. Correct and true Information regarding arrest, convictions/debarment/disqualification by any recruiting agency, criminal or any disciplinary proceedings initiated or finalized, participation in agitation or any Political Organization, candidature in election for Parliament/State Legislature/Local Bodies etc., if any, should also be furnished to the Commission at the time of application i.e. the details thereof, originals of the Judgement of Acquittals, order/or G.O. dropping further action in Departmental proceedings or any document that may prove the suitability of such candidates for a Government appointment must be produced at the stage/time of Certificate Verification.

M. The selection for appointment to the above said post is purely provisional subject to final Orders on pending Writ Petitions, if any, filed in Madras High Court and Madurai Bench of Madras High Court.

N. Applications containing wrong claims relating to other basic qualifications / eligibility criteria / age / communal categories/ educational qualification will be liable for rejection.




Duration of Examination

Maximum Marks

Minimum Qualifying

Marks for selection

Single Paper in the following subjects in

SSLC standard

General studies       (75items)


Basics of Village Administration       (25 items)


Aptitude & Mental Ability Test                        (20 items)


General Tamil / General English                   (80 items)

Total                     (200items)




3 hours














i. Two types of question papers will be set.

Type- 1

General Studies + General Tamil will contain questions on General Studies (75 items), Basics of Village Administration (25 items), Aptitude & Mental Ability Test (20 items) and General Tamil (80 items).


(General Studies + General English) will contain questions on General Studies (75 items), Basics of Village Administration (25 items), Aptitude & Mental Ability Test (20 items) and General English (80 items).

ii. Candidates are given the option to choose either General Tamil or General English for answering the 80 items apart from answering the 120 (75+25+20) items on General Studies, Basics of Village Administration and Aptitude & Mental Ability Test.

iii. The 80 questions on General Tamil/ General English will be set in the respective languages and the remaining 120 questions will be set both in English and Tamil.

The syllabi for the above subject available in the Commission’s Website ‘’ and also Annexure-III & IIIA to this Notification


1. To use either blue or black ink Ball Point pen only.

2. Answer sheet will be invalidated if shaded in pencil.

3. The answer sheet will be invalidated if the box provided for booklet series mentioned in the Question Paper is not shaded / incorrectly shaded.

4. Answer sheet answered in a subject other than the subject opted by the candidates in his application/ specified in the Hall Ticket will be invalidated.

5. Each one mark will be deducted for incorrect or absence of shading Register Number.


The Written Examination will be held at the Centres mentioned in Annexure–II of this Notification.


1. Candidates should appear for the examination/ Certificate Verification and Counselling at their own expenses.

2. Request for change of venue will not be complied with.

3. The Commission reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of examination venues and to re - allot the candidates.


  • Examination fee Rs.75/- (Rupees Seventy five only)
  • Candidates have to register their basic particulars through One-Time Registration which is mandatory on payment of Rs.50/- towards registration fee. The registration shall be valid for a period of five years from the date of one-time registration.
  • Candidates should also to pay the service charges applicable to the Bank or Post Office
  • Candidates can avail exemption from paying Examination Fees as per eligibility criteria.
  • Offline mode of payment in the form of DD/Postal Order etc., will not be accepted and the applications forwarded with such modes of payment will be summarily rejected.
  • Those who have already registered in the one time registration system and paid the registration fee of Rs.50/- and received the registration ID need not pay the application fee i.e. Rs.50/- and it is enough to pay the Examination Fee of Rs.75 alone.
  • Candidates who have made one time registration must apply for this post also. One time registration is only to avail exemption for application fee for a period of 5 years from the date of registration.


Selection will be made on the basis of marks obtained in the Written Examination and following rule of reservation of appointments. At the time of Counselling, based on the availability of vacancies, option exercised and eligibility candidates will be allotted to the districts.


For details refer para 15 (g) of the Commission’s ‘Instructions to the candidates’. Any violation of the instructions will be liable for or end in rejection of his/her candidature.


Click here /


a. Candidates should ensure their eligibility for examination: The candidates applying for the examination should ensure that they fulfill all eligibility conditions for admission to examination. Their admission to all stages of the examination will be purely provisional subject to satisfying of the eligibility conditions. Mere issue of memo of admission to the candidate will not imply that his/her candidature has been fully cleared by the Commission.

b. The Hall Tickets for eligible candidates will be made available in the Commission’s website or for downloading by candidates. No Hall Tickets will be sent by post. So the candidates / applicants should watch Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission website since ahead/ before the scheduled date of examinations.

c. Facilitation Counter for guidance of candidates: In case of any guidance/ information/ clarification of their applications, candidature, etc. candidates can contact Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission’s Office in person or over Telephone No.044-25332833/ 25332855 or the Commission’s Office Toll-Free No.1800 425 1002 on all working days between 10.00 a.m. and 05.45 p.m.

d. Mobile phones and other articles banned:

i. Candidates are not allowed to bring to the venue of the Examination Cellular phone, Calculator, memory notes and books etc. or any other Electronic device or Recording device either as separate piece or part of something used by the candidate such as Watch or Ring.

ii. If they are found to be in possession of any such thing or instrument they will not be allowed to attend the examination further, besides invalidation of answer paper and/or debarment. If it is considered necessary they will be subjected to thorough physical search including frisking on the spot.

iii. Do not bring into the Examination Hall any article such as books, notes, loose sheets, mathematical and drawing instruments, Log Tables, stencils of maps, slide rules, Text Books, rough sheets etc. except the permitted writing material i.e. pen. No colour pen or pencil must be used.

e. Candidates are not required to submit along with their application any certificates in support of their claims regarding age, educational qualifications, community certificates and certificates regarding their physical disability, etc., They should be submitted when called for by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission. The candidates applying for the examination should ensure that they fulfill all the eligibility conditions for admission to the examination. Their admission at all the stages of examination for which they are admitted by the Commission viz. Written Examination will be purely provisional, subject to their satisfying the prescribed eligibility conditions. If on verification at any time before or after the Written Examination and Certificate Verification, it is found that they do not fulfill any of the eligibility conditions, their candidature for the examination will be cancelled by the Commission.

f. If any of their claims is found to be incorrect, or false it will lead to rejection / debarment.

g. Unfair means strictly prohibited: No candidate shall copy from any other candidate nor permit to be copied nor give nor attempt to give nor obtain nor attempt to obtain irregular assistance of any description.

h. Conduct in examination hall: No candidate should misbehave in any manner or create a disorderly scene in the examination hall or harass the staff employed by the Commission for the conduct of the examination. Any such misconduct will be severely viewed and penalized.

The on-line application can be submitted upto 14.12.2015 till 11.59 p.m., after which the link will be disabled.

(For detailed information the candidates may refer Commission’s ‘‘Instructions to the candidates’’ at the Commission’s website( )

Official website:

For Official Notification:

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